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How to use this site - help and tips

Welcome to our website. It has been designed to be easy to use and accessible for all types of internet user - from beginner to expert.

This section of the site will give you hints and tips on how to make the most of the content and tools available on the site and help you to find your way around.

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Best viewed                           [Back to Top]
The site has been designed to work with a screen resolution of 800x600 but is best viewed in 1024x768. If you are using a computer running Windows you can change the resolution by right clicking your mouse on the desktop - selecting the properties option and then the settings tab. Adjust the screen area sliding scale and click apply or ok.

You should also make sure your colors are set to at least High. This can be done in the same place.

The site is designed to work well in all common browsers but works best with version 5+ of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox 1.0. Please report any browser problems you have via our Contact Us page. The site should also work equally well with Apple Mac computers.

Navigation                             [Back to Top]
There are usually buttons links, text links in the footer, links in the header and logo.

When you click on a Section button you are directed to a summary page, which details the Categories for each of the pages within that Section. Click on the links in either area to go to the home page of the section or service you want to find out about. You can always click on any of the left-hand options to navigate back from where you are.

In most cases, you should be able to click on a Page Title, Thumbnail Image or Read More link to view a Detail page.

To return to the home page - click on the logo at the top of any page.

If provided, you can use the breadcrumb trail on the top of the page to step back through the site navigation.

Go to top links are available on longer pages to return you to the top of the page and text links can be found on the footer of every page.

Downloads                       [Back to Top]
This site makes use of the ability to download documents to your computer. There are clear advantages to this for larger documents as they can be downloaded and read 'off-line' (without being connected to the internet) and printed out if required.

Many of the downloads are in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe has developed a document format that is consistent no matter what your browser, computer or set-up.

Most computers come with Adobe Reader (the viewing software) already installed, but if you do not have it on your machine, it can be downloaded free of charge at Please check that you have sufficient privileges to the computer you are using to install the software, otherwise please contact your network administrator (not normally necessary for home-users).

Users that have difficulty using pdf documents can convert them to appear as a normal webpage at

To download other files from this site: right-click on the file and select Save Files As… to begin downloading. Before it begins downloading, your browser may ask where to save the file and what filename to use. Save the file to the directory and filename of your choice. It may take a few minutes to complete the download. Your browser will alert you when the download is complete. To use a downloaded file, double-click on the file to decompress it if necessary, then double-click on the decompressed file to open it.

Printing             [Back to Top]
The pages are on this site are designed to print for A4 paper. Use the file - print command in your browser to print a page. You will notice that the side-bar navigation and colour header are not printed.

Translations                       [Back to Top]
Unfortunately we are not currently able to translate the material on our web site from English into all of the different languages spoken in the borough. To help non-English speakers the free translation service, 'Babelfish' from Altavista which will translate the information on web pages from English into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The translation will not be perfect, but you should be able to understand it. You will find the translation service at

Searching                          [Back to Top]
You can search the site using our powerful search engine. If you enter a word or phrase in the search field, you will be given a number of pages that match your entry. Each link has a short extract from the page text to help you decide if it is the information you are looking for. Click on the page name to visit the page. You will note that the word(s) you entered are highlighted in yellow on the page, helping you to quickly find the matching text.

Additional Help                      [Back to Top]
If you are having particular problems with the site or finding what you want - we need to know. Please click Help and fill out the request for assistance or call the phone number below..


  the content would go here and if it is properly aligned then it would wrap properly around this image and it would show everything ok. I am using a verdana 12 px size here.  
  the content would go here and if it is properly aligned then it would wrap properly around this image and it would show everything ok. I am using a verdana 12 px size here.  
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